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See The View Through Sports
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Xiu Tao was born in the 1970s, and he is a Beijinger of Shandong origin. He graduated from the Decoration Department of the Central Arts and Crafts Academy ( now Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University). He is a young literary and athletic man with visions, feelings, and high executive ability. He is the founder of Beijing Blue Advertising Ltd (which has won the China Advertising Great-wall Award multiple times, the top adverting award in China); the founder of Huiwan Travel(the first China mobile internet platform that integrates national and international car services that use Chinese). He is a skiing enthusiast, loves cross-country motorcycle and extreme 4WD exploration, and co-founded Navigator 4WD Cross-country Club. He was a Chinese National Geography's outdoor team captain and went to all the Chinese deserts and no-man zone such as Lop Nur, Altyn, Hoh Xil. He likes to travel nationally and internationally, and he almost went to every place in China and went to over 30 countries. Except for GPS, he is more willing to listen to his heart's call and head towards afar. In 2016, he started to like Chinese traditional archery. In 2018, he started the first Cross-Country Skiing Archery Challenge and won the only aquatic and ice gold medals of the Wind Sports Awards, and in the same year, he started the first China Archery Golf Open in the world; he is the first person ever to do that. At the beginning of 2020, Gong Shi Dao spread in the country rapidly through open stores in the face of the epidemic and hopefully spread it to the world so that more people would join, benefit, and learn this cultural sport originated from China.

Many people asked me, "Xiu Tao, you had participated in so many outdoor sports, and many of them were extreme sports; in many people's eyes, the things you did were unattainable. Why do you still insist on the seemingly dangerous sports for many years? Have you seen through the world? Do you want to become a star or celebrity?" To be honest, I do not have many thoughts, and I simply want to participate in the different sports and various scenery.

People always say that beautiful sceneries must be accompanied by extreme weather on earth, and hard for people to live in the long term. If one never leaves home and never reaches a certain place, the extraordinary sceneries would never reveal themselves. Even though you saw them through a third party's pictures, you would never feel the shock of being in the scene personally.
Many people long for doing things like this, such as go to those seemingly dangerous places and do dangerous sports. But due to things on hand, they had to write their dreams on labels and then put them in draws, books that influenced them or bury in their heart. When they recall the dreams again, many years may have passed, and they already lost the courage to achieve them. So, in the end, dreams become ideas forever, and the little secrets are buried deep in their souls and hearts. Therefore, when you still have the energy and strength, you should find some time, jump out of the box of your routine life, and invest yourself in something you want to do. Besides, sport is a good method of socialization, and you will meet all levels of friends who shares the same interest like you. People help each other and treat each other equally here. Your work and life can benefit from this common friendship for life.As the number of people involved in outdoor sports has increased rapidly in recent years, various outdoor accidents have occurred frequently, and the brutality of many of these events inevitably makes people shaken. How can we participate in these sports in a relatively safe manner? Suddenly I remembered the sports spirit of "friendship first, competition second," that's right! Do not engage in a hobby for utility, and safety first is the priority at all times. You should know yourself, know what you are doing, know your equipment, know your partner, and know the geography of the place you are going. You should respect nature, explore without taking risks, and participate with a mind to see the scenery. All the things you pass by are scenery, so enjoy them.

Nowadays, whether outdoor or indoor, aerobic or anaerobic sports are mostly energy-releasing which means to release the energy you stored. I have always wondered: if you engage in energy-releasing exercises all the time, your body will be overwhelmed in the long run. In 2016, I accidentally came across the traditional Chinese archery sport. It is both static and dynamic, balanced and elegant. With my own breathing, I enjoyed how each move was meditative and recharged my body and mind. From then on, I could not pull myself out.

Archery is a positive sport that has been an excellent carrier of traditional Chinese culture for thousands of years. Confucius advocated gentleman's Six Arts, which are rites, music, archery, chariot racing, calligraphy, and mathematics, and archery is one of them. Archery is also a real sport of both culture and martial arts; it has cultural heritages and strengthens the body. For example, the core of its exercise - the principle of back clamping force - has an excellent therapeutic effect on many modern office occupational diseases and youth physical development. Practice archery can strengthen one's self-control ability and regulate one's social behavior, which positively affects social stability.Before pulling a bow, one must love it from the heart to enjoy the fun of archery. During the practice of archery's movement, one can see the silence and modesty of Confucius' ritual and music; hear the natural wonder and heaven's wisdom of Laozi; smell the fragrance of the lotus flower with Buddha when Buddha was enlightened, and ascending into the world. This is an indescribably wonderful feeling, and one can't perceive its wisdom without being in it.During the pre-Qin period, each state's people would gather at local schools to practice archery during the spring and autumn seasons. It was called the "township archery ceremony," which aimed to teach the people courtesy and foster folk customs through archery competitions. It is also regarded as one of the earliest systematic sports events in Chinese history. At almost the same time, the ancient Greek "Olympic Games" were born, which was also one of the first sports events in the world. Compared to the Olympic Games, the "township archery ceremony," which originated from ancient China, did not simply stop at the level of sports competition from the very beginning but paid more attention to the interpretation of cultural connotations and gradually developed into a sports event with half cultural activities and half sports competition.In the rich connotation of archery, it both endorses fights and cultivates moral sentiment. Killing and hunting are not what archery is all about anymore, and there are philosophical theories and humanistic beliefs embedded in them. Throughout human history, all countries on earth have taken the bow as an important hunting and war tool, but only the Chinese have elevated the bow to a spiritual level with rich humanistic connotation and given it the status of a ritual instrument to cultivate one's body and morality.

Archery is both dynamic and static, pure and dust-free. It pursues freedom in simplicity, without exaggeration; it clarifies the human perception and defines the target of man and the universe. Through constant and sincere practice, the practitioner achieves a state of transcendence where mind and body are one, and human and target are one. Regardless of the status, all those who uphold the faith of archery are noble in spirit and taste, which is the core embodiment of the Oriental humanistic spirit.

Mencius, the Confucian philosopher, once said, "A gentleman who pulls but does not shoot, but leaps." It means that a gentleman who teaches others is like a person who is good at teaching archery, that does not shoot the arrow when the bow is pulled to its maximum limit but leaps like he is ready. The idiom of "pull the bow without shooting" has been passed down to this day and is also used as a metaphor for being good at inspiration and guidance, being prepared, and waiting for an opportunity to act.What is the most beautiful thing in life? Not the joy of first sight, not the first night with the wind and moon, not the flowers and plants in the south of the mountains, not the wind and snow in the north of the mountains, but the unseen, unknown lifestyle. Let the wind and rain blow on my straw raincoat, and I can live my life the same way. For me, there is no wind, no rain, nor clear sky. This is about standing firmly without knowing what the next arrow will shot. A life like this is full of surprises and expectations. Laozi said, "the way of heaven is like the bending of a bow. The high end is pulled down, and the low end is raised up. The excessive is diminished, and the deficient is supplemented. It is the way of heaven to take where there is too much in order to give where there is not enough. The way of people is otherwise. They take where there is not enough in order to increase where there is already too much. Who will take from their own excesses and give to all under heaven? Only those who hold to the Tao."Be a pure person, and chase what you love; the process is painful and joyful. Archery is a direction of spirituality, a sanctuary for the few. It represents the spirit that makes people energetic, young, and vibrant. 


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